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May 12th, 2014 | Shop Local: Pineapple Street


Pineapple Street




Pineapple Street





Alright, trying something new here. I love supporting local businesses anywhere I go, so I’ve decided to start showcasing some of my favourite hidden gems here! First up, Pineapple Street! For those of you who live in or around the Greater Toronto area, this is the first of two new shops courtesy of Michael Penny of Penney & Co! Michael is the owner and has quite an extensive resume. He is an interior designer, the former style editor of House & Home Magazine and is a regular guest on The Marilyn Denis Show. Pineapple Street is a fun place and I think it might be my new favourite store. I mean, just look at all that amazing Rifle Paper Co stuff!! Pineapple Street now homes all of the gift, home, floral and stationary products that you used to find at Penney & Co. and then some. It’s located in Durham Region in the heart of downtown Whitby.

Tue – Fri: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sat: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

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December 12th, 2013 | Treasury: Jack & Jill

For Jack

Extended Cyber Monday SALE M…




Antler Bottle Opener


SINGLE Jack Daniel’s Fl…


Deluxe Beer Kit / 1 Gallon H…


Vintage Inspired Science Pri…


Tibetan Conch Shell Pendant …


Ceramic Coffee Mug, Red and …


Beer Press Collection: Compl…


Light maple wood journal w/ …


Suds Sampler – Guinness Beer…


Man Beard Gift Basket Wild M…


Handmade Twig Four Pack – Ru…


Bacon is Duct Tape for the K…


Black Ivory Infinity Unisex …


Tote || Walsh Upcycled Fire …


Treasury via Etsy: For Jack.


For Jill.

Lip Balm Gift Set of 2. Larg…


117 Trio Cream Freshwater Pe…


soy candle – AGAVE and HONEY…


She Drinks Whiskey From a Te…


Faux Deer Antler Rack Mint J…


Big Dreams Note Pad


Breakfast at Tiffany’s H…


Skin Care Small Gift Set – F…


LIGHT GRAY SET fingerless mi…


Lace Dream catcher, lace doi…


Calligraphy Ink Add-On for T…


cat ring, kitty cat ring, ca…


Faux Taxidermy – Ivory and G…


Confetti Mug 12oz, Illustrat…


thunder in our hearts tote i…


MAKE A WISH custom thread ne…


Treasury via Etsy: For Jill

I’ve always loved creating treasuries on Etsy, so I’ve decided to try out a new feature on the blog and share them on here.  I use treasuries a lot too when I’m looking for gifts. They’re  a great tool.

This set is a pair of gift guides for him and her, hence the name Jack & Jill. While these two treasuries are completely different, I tried to keep them both ‘natural’ feeling. I totally want some of the things I listed on both of them. (Breakfast at Tiffany’s sleep mask? Um, yes please!)

I’m curious – do any of you use and/or create treasuries? Do you find them helpful? Are you into this post and would you want to see more treasuries pop up on here? Let me know! I’ll try it out for a little while at the very least :).

P.S. – Who’s done there Christmas shopping? I finished mine today and I have to say it feels GREAT to be done!

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June 8th, 2013 | Waterford Antique Market

First off, sorry for the large amount of photos (not really), but this place is just too magical and they were too pretty to not post. Welcome to the Waterford Antique Market. I think this place has easily become one of my favourite antique markets. My only complaint is how far away it is from me. (We’re talking like.. over 3 hours.)

I first discovered this place thanks to a friend of mine, Sarah, who’s home town is Waterford. It’s definitely starting to become a summer tradition to visit her when she goes home for the summer and hit this place up. I’m already itching to go back! It’s two floors of goodies with a couple of booths that refinish items which is something I love as well. Crafty goodness and antiques all in one place. This is totally what heaven is like, right?!

It’s funny though how even from just looking at the photos I took I am still noticing things that I didn’t see when they were infront of me! There’s just so much stuff it’s wonderful. We all ended up finding some amazing pieces. Sarah’s mom got a tea set and a few vases, Sarah got a lovely new cabinet to display her grandmother’s antique bells on and I (obviously) found some tea cups and other things – which I’ll be showing off in a post later!

I really do love this place. It’s definitely my 2nd favourite market now. I say 2nd only because my loyalties will always remain with the wonderful antique barns in my town. I mean c’mon, they surprised me with special teacup as a gift for my birthday!

What’s your favourite antique store to hunt for treasure & where is it located? I’m especially curious if its in Southern Ontario ;)

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February 28th, 2012 | Target Canada Pop-Up Store with Jason Wu

First, I’m sorry this is such an image heavy post. Second, I know Target isn’t a big deal for the majority of my American readers, but we don’t have it here in Canada yet. I love target & I’m so excited that it’s finally coming to us. On Thursday of last week there was a Target pop-up shop with Jason Wu’s collection – (and the man himself!) in downtown Toronto.

My friend and I, being the crazies that we are, got up at 6am and went downtown to sit in line. We ended up being 7th & 8th in line. The first 25 got early access to the collection & got to meet Jason Wu. (and the Target dog)

The shop didn’t open for the public until noon (11:45 for us). Some Target employees handed out free hot chocolate from Starbucks all day, which made waiting much more bearable. We also got a target dog plush toy :)

The entire collection wasn’t there, but what they did bring was amazing. There was a three item limit per person and for the most part I got exactly what I wanted. There was one other skirt that I wanted (the blue floral one that matched a shirt I got) but I’m still really happy with what I got.

The first three people were adorable! Two 80-something year old women, and a 60-something man. The man’s wife was a huge Jason Wu fan and collects his stuff. She was away on vacation with some friends, and he went to surprise her with some items for when she returned home. They showed up at 6:45 am.

The line really was quite insane. This is what it looked like by late morning. I’m really glad we went so early.

Me & Di with Mr. Wu himself, and the Target dog of course!

Here’s what I brought home:

Di got the same scarf, and the blue and red dress that was so popular. The Cat scarf sold out within the first 10 minutes of the shop opening up to the public. (Again, so glad we went early because we got first pick before everyone else was let in & didn’t have to wait in any lines! We were out before everything got backed up.) That was long – if you made it to the end you get a cookie ;)

images from target.com & abullseyeview.com

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November 23rd, 2011 | I’m sorry, I’m alive I promise!

Hello dears!

I’m so sorry for being so absent this month!! It has been a very busy month for me with work (I work in fashion retail… tis the season!) It’s only about to get worse too! Big things are coming to Miss Kait Online for December, which I have been working on like a mad woman!

In the mean time, to keep you busy here are some things that just make my heart go pitter-patter this month! Also I still have a few spots left for December Sponsors!

{ source }

♥ I’ve been in a super crafty mood! I decided that this year I was going to make all my Christmas gifts :) It’s been really refreshing to do! If anyone wants to do a Christmas Card Exchange, please send me an email!

{ source }

♥ ..um, hello!!!!

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♥ It’s official, Jules’ blog The Life of a Cupcake is my new blog love!

{ source }

♥ I reallyreally want these shoes from Blowfish for Christmas!

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