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November 11th, 2011 | November Sponsor Spotlight!

Hello! I’m Angie, a 22-year-old blogger living in Utah with the love of my life, my wife and soul mate Jen! We have two kitties, Wedge and Mau and a birdie, Jango! Lariats and Lavender is a personal blog about myself, my wife, our life together, our pets, my hobbies, my beliefs and so much more! It’s my home sweet home on the web and I hope you stop by!

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Hey there, I’m Mo from the blog Fleur De Moi. I’m a New Orleanian who has worked in the film industry for almost 4 years. While my job takes up a big chunk of my time I still manage to squeeze in things like painting, long bike rides, mostly vegan cooking, and enjoying all this NOLA!

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I am a mother, soon to be wife, and daughter!  I love to make things with my hands, and I work extra hard to ensure whatever I pass on to someone else is something that I myself would want :)  Most of my inspiration comes from my everyday life, I try to translate it into something beautiful. I hope you enjoy my journey!!

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I am Dita and I’m Indonesian, 23 years old. I love music, drawing, art, theatrical performance, and above all that I love love crafting. I live in Bogor, a small city (around one and half hour driving from Jakarta). I write and cook.  I love to share with you. You can contact me for trade, shop review, and random postcard swap!

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October 24th, 2011 | November sponsorship call

Hi guys, just a quick update to let you know that there is still time to sign up for a November sponsorship spot! It’s completely free! You can check out the sponsor & button page for more info here. Is everyone almost ready for Halloween? ;). I have some great guest posts coming up this week on the blog so look out for those :)

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October 4th, 2011 | Meet Some Lovely People! October Sponsors…

Hello everyone! I’m sorry I have been absent as of late… it’s been a really busy month for me in the real world. I’m so excited though, as it’s time to meet some of our lovely sponsors for the month of October! Be sure to check them out :) they are a fine group of talented ladies! ~ K.


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