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May 9th, 2013 | A Surprise tea party

Diana and I decided to throw a little surprise tea party for Beth’s birthday! It was super yummy, super fun, and some how we managed to keep it a secret from the girl and she was completely surprised. We consumed Salted Caramel by DAVIDsTEA (Beth’s favourite), sangria and had quite the spread. It was a wonderful afternoon and thankfully the rain decided to hold off for us.



♥Cucumber & cream cheese tea sandwiches
♥Scones with lemon curd
♥Peite toast crackers with summer sausage, mozzarella and sprouts
♥Strawberries & blackberries
♥White tropical sangria
♥Salted caramel tea
♥Vanilla ombre cake, garnished with blackberries and mint leaves


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April 9th, 2013 | april showers


Sprinnnng! I’m so excited that the weather is (even though wet) starting to get warmer and the days are getting longer. It’s such a nice feeling on the days I get off work at 7 or later that it’s still partially light out. It’s the best feeling! I don’t mind the rain. I love sitting down with a cup of tea and just watching it. That and it’s good for the flowers ;). A few are starting to poke out of the ground in our garden.

I’m really excited for spring for so many reasons. I can finally paint my furniture for my room soon.. it’s been way to cold to do it and I wouldn’t dare attempt it inside. I’m a messy painter. The Zoo! The Toronto Zoo is one of my favourite places in spring. The animals are always more active and fun to watch before the summer heat sets in. Being able to wear dresses without thick tights, saying bye to heavy winter jackets. Oh and BBQ season!!!

I’m also excited to start sharing some outfit posts again. I’m going to be honest here, I have zero motivation to do them in the winter. I usually don’t have anyone to take the photos for me so I rely on a tripod and just takes longer that way. I’m a big baby in the winter, (and yes I’m Canadian) and just don’t like the way the photos turn out when I’ve tried taking them indoors.



Another thing I’m looking forward to is getting back into geocaching again. I know there are lots of people who still cache in the winter (and some caches that are designed around it) but yeah.. back to me being a big baby. I’m a bad Canadian I know. I’m mostly just excited about being able to spend almost all day outside again.

I remember it being so much warmer this time last year too. I think that’s just making me want spring extra bad. But I know it’s finally right around the corner! (You watch, I just jinxed it.) Is the weather spring like yet where you guys are? Do you have any big plans or things you’re excited to do in the Spring?!



Also, I feel like I should mention it even though I’m sure many of you are probably already aware but something that’s going to be effecting us bloggers (late) spring is that Google Reader is retiring. It’s not set to happen unit June 1st. If you use Google Reader to follow my blog and don’t want to stop your subscription, you’re going to have to find another way to follow. my top choice (and what I’ve switched to as well) is Feedly.

Feedly is very similar to google reader and you can set it up so that it will automatically import your RSS feed from Google.  It has a few different layout choices as well including one that is almost identical to reader’s interface if you prefer it, or you can select a more visual approach with thumbnails and a summary (how I use it). It’s a web based app that you can also use on your iPad, iPhone, Android or Kindle. I use it both on my computer and iPad.

Some other ways to follow as well are subscribing directly to the RSS feed, or through Facebook, Bloglovin’, Twitter, or you can check out this article by Life Hacker with a list of google reader alternatives and find one that suits your own needs.

I’m curious now – how do you guys follow this blog? Either way, I’m so thankful that you do! Thanks for stickin’ around kids :)

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February 20th, 2013 | you are tearrific

I love all holidays. I know a lot of people especially hate valentines day – it’s too commercialized, I’m not in a relationship, it makes me lonely blah blah blah. Whatever it’s just another excuse for me to spoil everyone I love and make some gifts!

This year I went on a bit of a tea theme with my cards and gifts to close friends. Bad tea humor at its best. I made some heart tea bags and filled them with some valentines teas from DAVIDsTEA. (I used read my lips, hot lips, red velvet cake and peppermint amour). I also found this really cute DIY for painting hearts onto sugar cubes with red dye so I did that too and also made some candy bags. Who doesn’t love candy & chocolate?

Speaking of chocolate I’m actually on my way now to Toronto for a gourmet chocolate making class. It was my christmas present from my sister. I’m so frigging excited!! I’ve never made chocolates before and I’ve always wanted to. So I’ll let you know how that goes!

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February 19th, 2013 | Quarter of a Century

So the unthinkable happened. I got old. Just suddenly over night one day last week! I know age is just a number but it’s weird to think that I have actually been here a quater of a century now. I think the general population is maturing later too. When I think about 25 year olds that I knew when I was younger, I feel like they had accomplished much more in life. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel the same way some time? They say that the second half of your twenties goes by slower than the first. Well, we’ll see about that.

Anyways age aside I had such a wonderful birthday! I’m so lucky to have such amazing friends, family & co-workers. I couldn’t ask for better people in my life, or could imagine a better birthday. I’m really lucky. Here’s a few snapshots from my day:

The day of my birthday I went with my mom to get my hair & nails done. (A long with a hand massage, which just made me realize how badly I need a full body massage haha!) After we went out for lunch and I had once of the best gluten free burgers I’ve had in a while.

When I got home there was a little surprise waiting for me, one of my best friends who lives over 4 hours away had sent me the prettiest flowers!! It’s so funny how getting flowers can make any day seem so much more special than it already is.

My sister spent 4 hours slaving away to make me the BEST cake. It was a gluten free strawberry cake, with fresh strawberries between the layers and was iced in a ombre rosette pattern. I died.

What would a birthday be without my beloved DAVIDsTEA. I made myself a Birthday Cake tea latte, topped it with a few sprinkles. The best. I also received two teas (1 & 2) , a new bodum travel thermos (which keeps my tea hot for hours by the way!!!), and a set of 4 nobel cups for my birthday. Be-still my old lady heart. I’m in love with every single one.

I also made a trip to my favourite local antique stores. I guess I have a reputation there for being the tea-cup-collecting lady because when I was finally getting ready to check out they surprised me with a stunning pink tea cup with gold detailing as a birthday present.

Oh and this is probably the lamest thing to ask for your birthday… but I got a steamer! I’m so freakin’ excited!!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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January 3rd, 2013 | two-thousand and thirteen

Happy New Years everyone! I hope you all had a great start to the year. I spent mine waiting for a cab, that never came, but ended up having the best possible night. We ended up busting open some bottles of wine and played monopoly, had the best of conversations to ever take place, and most importantly I was surrounded by some great friends.

2012 was pretty great, but I know 2013 can be even better! I did of course have some moments that sucked, but lets not let them overshine the good! I managed to get a promotion, had a kick-ass summer internship, threw a fantastic garden party, improved my photography skills, watched my sister’s life long friend who  I grew up with get married, met some new and wonderful people and made old friendships even stronger.

Does anyone else just get so excited about a new year? It just means so many new possibilities and new goals! This year is going to be an exciting one for me too I think. Not to mention a big one. I’ll officially be a quater of the way through my life. Yup the big 2-5 is happening this February. I’m actually really excited about it.


1. Finish re-decorating my bathroom, and actually start my room – I’ve only been planning these two spaces for close to a year! I have almost everything for my bathroom minus a few decorative touches. I just need to actually do it. I’m still searching the perfect pieces for my bedroom though.

2. Pay off a large chunk of my student loan. I just want to be freeeee  haha! I’ve decided to try really hard to curve my spending habits so that I can set aside some more money for this.

3. Save for Paris! Diana and I decided this autumn that we would go to Paris once she graduates. I hear this requires moolah.

4. Curve my spending habits (as I mentioned above). Hi, my name is Kait and I have a shopping problem. The first step is acceptance, right?!

5. Master making french macaroons. This usually comes as a shock to most people that know me. But I just can’t, for the life of me, get this one right. I will win.

6. Try one new recipe a week

7. Eat healthier lunches. No this isn’t about wanting to loose weight, but just being healthy. I’m dead serious when I say that I eat New York Fries around 2-3 times a week and I feel better the days that I don’t. I have more energy.

8. This is going to sound totally lame, but getting my license. Yes I’m almost 25 and I still only have my G1. I swear I’m actually doing this one this year! I’m tired of relying on busses and other people.

9. Save up for a new macbook. Mine is 7 years old and still works really well. But I get worried about how long it will last sometimes and it just dying one day. It’d be nice to have some money saved up and set aside just incase that happens. (knock on wood!)

10. Be more like Julie She’s seriously the cutest, happiest girl I have ever met. She’s so inspiring and her mood is totally contagious when you’re around her.  Her attitude and approach to life is just so refreshing.

Is anyone else making some goals instead of a resolution this new years? Share them with me!!

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