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March 1st, 2013 | Vintage Kantha Quilt

I was originally going to wait until my room re-do was finished to share this, but then my duvet was arriving late, so I put of painting and a bunch of stuff. But I just love my quilt so much I caved and just had to share it now. Kantha quilts are made from old sari’s and are hand-stitched together. They’re really quite beautiful and each one is so unique. I’m absolutely in love with this quilt. I’ve wanted a kantha quilt for a while. I received this one c/o HomeSav.

If you’re not sure what HomeSav is, they offer high end home-related products at severely discounted prices! (Kantha quilts normally run around $200+ and right now they have a showcase on with them for $88. I kinda want another.) I’ve had some disappointing shopping experiences online recently, but HomeSav blew me away with their service.

They provide amazing customer service (Shout out to Amanda!), and even though they said it could take up to 3 weeks for my items to arrive it only took  about 5 business days. Gold stars all around! I’m so happy with my quilt.. and I think I’m starting to become addicted to sites like HomeSav. Just what my bank account needs ;).

My duvet did arrive yesterday though, (finally! But that’s a whole different story…) so I’m really excited to start my room now that I have everything for it. I have to re-finish an antique desk, my dresser and paint still but I’m going to be sharing all of that as I do it :)

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