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November 7th, 2013 | The Craft Room

Do you ever take a look through your draft folder, and realize that you have so many hidden & unpublished blog posts that you never finished? Yeah well I just did hah! And this was one of them! I can’t believe I actually started this one towards the end of  last November! Yikes!! So I’ve started to sort through them, and will slowly be putting them up in between recent posts. A new twist on throw back thursday, huh? ;)

My craft space is a little different since these photos were taken since so much time has passed. I’ve moved a few items into my room, (ones that it was never my intention to keep in  this space to begin with and new things have appeared.) so I may do an updated version in a few month. The room used to be my sister’s bedroom before she moved out, so  since it doesn’t have any furniture in it really it’s become the perfect craft space and photography studio for my mom’s pet photography. She picked this colour when it was still her bedroom and its been it since day one and I still absolutely love it to this day!

Anyways, I just thought I’d share my little creative space with you guys. I always love seeing other blogger’s post their creative areas. It’s weird how sometimes seeing someone else’s craft space can inspire you to get crafting. Or is that just me hah!

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