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June 24th, 2011 | Rompers and Tea

Romper & Belt: H&M
Shoes & Hat: discount warehouse by my house!

Hello friends! Just a quick outfit post today, as I’m crazy tired and off to work shortly. Yesterday was bring a friend day at this fitness boot-camp my sister has been taking for a chance to win 1 month free, so I went with her. I’m so soar from it! It was intense. Thank god she won so I won’t have to go to the next one ;).  I’ll also be posting my review of my samples from June’s Lux Box by Loose Button soon, as well as a post on the airshow I went to for fathers day.

Breakfast of champs!

And also….

Have a great weekend! :) Any big plans? I’m doing something exciting but it’s a secret for now!! ;) I’ll fill you in later!

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