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May 23rd, 2013 | A Sunny Victoria Day

I just la-love these girls! Amy, Diana and I decided to have a little backyard party with the three of us on Victoria day. It was loads of fun!  I made pasta salad, iced green tea lemonade and we also had nachos, potato salad, cherries, veggies & hummus and amy baked cookies! We had wine too, of course ;).

It was a perfect day! Except for the part where the ice cream man didn’t stop & wait for us and we spent a solid 30 minutes trying to hunt him down. Eventually we gave up and went to Menchie’s instead. Amy pained our nails like the crazy talented nail-lady she is. Diana had flowers and cats done, and I went with daisies and polka dots :).

Diana is wearing a dress from the Jason Wu for Target collection, and the hat is from H&M. I’m pretty sure Amy’s in Forever 21 shorts and that the rest  is H&M too. For my outfit, you can see the details here.

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