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June 13th, 2013 | Channeling my inner zebra

Dress: H&M (recent, 14.95) Necklace: H&M (older, 19.95) Sandals: Wal-Mart (really old)

I’m a big fan of black and white outfits with pops of colour, especially when there is a fun print to go with it. I just need to take a moment to gush over this dress. It was only 14.95!! I may or may not have also bought it in solid black and burgundy. (It also comes in a floral print and a slate blue.) I live in dresses and leggings most days, and an a-line is one of my favourite shapes so I kind of had to have it. Not to mention it’s super comfy and really easy to dress up or down.

What I love about it is it’s actually a thicker material than H&M’s usual basic/lower price point pieces. I also love how easy it will be to incorporate into my fall and winter wardrobe once it gets a little colder. Tights, boots, leggings, a nice cardigan and maybe a scarf and you’re good to go!

I had a hard time shooting these photos though because the mother nature was being Little Ms. Crazy-Pants! It was pouring one minute and bright and sunny the next which made it kinda difficult. It was kinda funny going through them, the colours were totally different in almost every one haha! I tried to grab the ones with the most similar colours. Anyone have any tips for shooting in this condition indoors?

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