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June 8th, 2013 | Waterford Antique Market

First off, sorry for the large amount of photos (not really), but this place is just too magical and they were too pretty to not post. Welcome to the Waterford Antique Market. I think this place has easily become one of my favourite antique markets. My only complaint is how far away it is from me. (We’re talking like.. over 3 hours.)

I first discovered this place thanks to a friend of mine, Sarah, who’s home town is Waterford. It’s definitely starting to become a summer tradition to visit her when she goes home for the summer and hit this place up. I’m already itching to go back! It’s two floors of goodies with a couple of booths that refinish items which is something I love as well. Crafty goodness and antiques all in one place. This is totally what heaven is like, right?!

It’s funny though how even from just looking at the photos I took I am still noticing things that I didn’t see when they were infront of me! There’s just so much stuff it’s wonderful. We all ended up finding some amazing pieces. Sarah’s mom got a tea set and a few vases, Sarah got a lovely new cabinet to display her grandmother’s antique bells on and I (obviously) found some tea cups and other things – which I’ll be showing off in a post later!

I really do love this place. It’s definitely my 2nd favourite market now. I say 2nd only because my loyalties will always remain with the wonderful antique barns in my town. I mean c’mon, they surprised me with special teacup as a gift for my birthday!

What’s your favourite antique store to hunt for treasure & where is it located? I’m especially curious if its in Southern Ontario ;)

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  • Charis

    Oh my it looks amazing!

  • Katarina

    Have you ever been to Shakespeare near Stratford ?!

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      No I haven’t!! The last time I was in the Stratford area was when I was in high school for theatre trips. It’s definitely on my list of places I’d like to visit this summer. I’ll have to check it out when I go! Thanks for the tip :)

  • Sarah Reynolds

    Great photos, thanks!! Some of them are my moms booth and she will be thrilled!! Her booth is 20% off right now too!!

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      Which one is hers!? Most of the booths photos above are some of my favourite ones there :)

      • Sarah Reynolds

        The second photo is hers, the one with all the pink stuff. I have a booth there as well and there is some overflow into her booth (LOL) . She has a sale on now which is great because the summers are a bit slow. Tell all your friends!! Thanks

  • Melanie

    I go there ALL the time!!! :D

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      I wish I could go there more!! I live pretty far away, but its a nice trip I look forward to every year :)

  • Lynda @ Pleasant Pickin’s

    Love this place too!! I grew up in Waterford and I go back mainly because of the Antique Market…

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      It’s a great place!

  • Meg @ OliverandRust

    hi kait
    i was hunting for waterford antique market info ( i was there yesterday and almost died of vintage amazingness) and came across your blog and was excited to see you have a lot of gluten free recipes as well. i hooked you up on bloglovin and am following along. have you ever been to niagara on the lake. queens antiques and lakeshore antiques? maybe a weekend trip in order. i am from the niagara region so that is my main hunting ground. excited to have found you. i blog at oliverandrust.com if you are interested.

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      Hi Meg! So glad you found me :). It’s great to find new bloggers from similar areas. My sister went to Brock, and Niagara is one of her favourite places so I’ve been there lots. I haven’t actually been to those two antique places though! I’m actually going up there next weekend with her for a bike wine tour on the saturday, and we’re spending Sunday there as well so you couldn’t have come at a beter time haha! I’ll definitely have to go check it out while I’m up there :). Love your blog & shop!! They’re both really cute :)

  • Monica Bradshaw

    Hey Kait! I am so happy to see that you blogged about a trip to the Waterford Antique Market! My husband is from Waterford and that’s where his business is (we subsequently now live very close!) It is one of my favorite spots and somewhere I’ve blogged about as well (monicabradshaw.com/blog). Next time you are in the area check out Southworks in Cambridge – fabulously curated!
    I just discovered your site, it’s beautiful! Take care!