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August 12th, 2011 | Ruffles and Beads


Just a quick outfit post! :)

Shirt: H&M
Shorts: I got them in a small store in Myrtle Beach years ago
Shoes: Payless
Bag: H&M

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  • http://www.atinyrocket.blogspot.com Erikaleesears

    really cute handbag! but I am a sucker for handbags. :)

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      I bought this one in all three colours because I couldn’t decide!! haha

  • http://www.sillypearl.com Steph @ The Silly Pearl

    Such pretty photos! Love your outfit…so cute yet comfy!

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      It is definitely one of my comfiest summer outfits!

  • http://twitter.com/parkerlily Marisa DiSalvatore

    I love the feminine, delicate top paired with your jeans shorts.  This is something I need to try more of.  My jean shorts rarely see the light of day.  Your shoes and bag are both awesome!!

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      These shoes have to be one of my favourites! They are starting to fall apart now though :( So sad.

  • T.
    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thank you!

  • kkmurphy

    The picture with the butterflies is so dreamy. Love it.

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Playing with shutter speeds is totally one of my new addictions :) you get such cool effects!

  • http://emsway.squarespace.com Emily

    You look adorable, and I adore that bag. Great little outfit and perfect for these hot as hell days we are having.

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thank you!! It’s so true, the heat has been horrible. The shirt is really light weight which is great too.

  • http://twitter.com/momtrends nicole feliciano

    We’re featuring a bit of Payless too!  Hope you get a second to link up over at Momtrends on our fashionably fun Monday Mingle:


    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      I love payless so much!!!

  • Christina Goussard

    It’s a good thing I don’t know you in real life, and that i don’t have a habit of thieving.  Because I’d totally snatch that handbag!  So cute!

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      It’s the perfect size too :)

  • http://stayinthelines.blogspot.com Jaclyn

    Love that handbag and your shoes look so cute and comfy 

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Merci! :) They are my favourite pair

  • http://www.hivenn.com/ hivenn

    so cute! x hivenn

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thank you!

  • Atticpeople

    What a lovely summer outfit. The butterflie picture is beautiful :)

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thank you!

  • http://www.ginamarierose.com Gina Villagomez

    Very simple, yet still very cute!