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September 5th, 2011 | Twitter Tea Party!

Hello my lovely followers! I have a couple of announcements today! First of all, I gave the blog a little bit of a makeover. Same colour scheme but now it’s 3 columns instead of 2, (I was hoping to clean up the sides a bit. I found it a bit too congested with just two columns), and a different header. I’ve also updated my sponsor / share the love page with some new info.

The last announcement is a bit more exciting, I promise….

Yes, you read right! We’re having a Sunday Twitter Tea Party this September 18!!

Play dress up and grab your favourite tea. Tweet about what your having, maybe add a photo or two, and chat with your favourite bloggers! There will be some super awesome giveaways too!! Just make sure to hashtag your tweets with #TwitterTeaParty.

List of Hosts / Contributors:
Kait from Miss Kait Online
Vanny from Hello Vanny
Amy from A is for Ampersand
Jessica from Ten Penny Splendid
Marissa from Shades of Monet
Lauren from The View From Here
Heather from Lilacs & Lace

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  • http://lariatsandlavender.blogspot.com Lariats and Lavender

    Okay, so I just tweeted you, but still… EEEE! This is AWESOME!!! I’ll be attending!!! ^_^

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Glad to hear!! :) I can’t wait myself!

  • http://twitter.com/mybeautifulone Mandy

    i am excited!!!! and love the new blog design! :)

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thank you!!!

      I can’t wait, I’m getting so excited planning it!

  • Anonymous

    I’m really looking forward to this. AND I have to say that I love your new look! I’ve been contemplating a blog makeover for a while and just can’t seem to settle on anything :/ Looks fantastic xoxo

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thanks Kam! I was having the same problem. It took me forever before I found something I was happy with. I’m so indecisive I’ll probably end up changing it again in a month :P

  • Anonymous

    Yessss SO excited! Wahoo! Thanks for letting me be a part of it. :)

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thank you for wanting to be!! I’m getting more excited each and every day :D

  • Deer Little Fawn

    I love the new look, it looks very pro! :) I’ve been considering a blog makeover for a while (but I think I’m abit scared of change, haha). Love the teaparty idea! :) x

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thanks you!! I know, it can be so hard to switch layouts

  • Annajanesearle

    This is such a great idea 

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thanks! :)

  • http://lovelymissmegs.blogspot.com/ Megan

    Hmm, your right sidebar is at the very bottom of the page for me. Maybe it’s my internet or something. Anyways, this is a super cute idea. Too bad I don’t like tea :( Have fun!

  • http://www.f4fabulousblog.com Fenny Setiawan

    Oh this is so excited. can I join you all kait? 

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Of course!!! :)

  • Gabby Bess

    This sounds so awesome! count me in! 


    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Glad to hear!

  • Iz originals

    Hey! I’m youre newest follower. Love what you’re doing over here. Pretty new to the blogging world. What do I need to do to join in on the twitter tea party? Love the idea!

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Hi! Thanks so much for following! :). I would suggest following any of the hosts/contributors on twitter listed above. We’ll just be tweeting with the hashtag #twitterteaparty (so you can search that the day of, or read your feed), and will be tweeting all the giveaways there. :) You’re encouraged to dress up and grab a cup of tea to sit with infront of your computer screen!

  • Kate Ferrante

    What a fun idea Kait! I look forward to participating in the Twitter Tea Party.

    I’m really loving the new design, looks great!

  • Christie

    I wish I could be there lol considering I am on twitter more than any other site… but I am going to a broadway show Sunday.  Hopefully there will be others and I will be sure to search the hashtag when I get home ;) 

  • http://www.kissedafrogblog.com Carissa Z

    How fun! I’m so going to try to make it!

  • Vintage Reflection

    This is such a great idea!! x

  • http://twitter.com/buttercupcaren tea & chickadees

    enjoying the Twitter Tea Party very muchly! perfect for a sick girl – don’t have to leave the house to be a part of a sweet lil party! got my tea, cookies & snuggly puppy keeping me warm whilst chatting with lovely tweeps! :)