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August 22nd, 2011 | Lookbook Preview, Weekend Recap

Hello everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Just a quick update, as I have over 300 photos to go through & edit (yikes!) I spent mine going out with my coworkers from my previous job, and then today I shot a photoshoot with my friend’s for their company’s look book!! It was a lot of fun. :) Here is just a small preview of the shoot. We shot a total of 3 looks.

What did you lovely folks get up to this weekend?  :)

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  • http://blog.isavirtue.net patience

    looks great! isn’t it funny how you have sooo much excitement to see how photos turned out but after you’ve edited about five you think “okay i’m done with this!”

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      This is the EXACT point I have just hit hahaaha!! Oh well, sleep now & the rest tomorrow!! :)

  • http://sailing-to-nowhere.blogspot.com Cait

    These photos look great! What a nice setting :)

    Would you be interested in swapping blog buttons?

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thank you!! 
      I would definitely love to!! shoot me an email at strawberryshortkait@gmail.com so we can get sizes organized :)

  • http://olgreeneyes.blogspot.com Emma

    These photos are so beautiful kait, you have such a wonderful gift for photography! I look forward to seeing more!

    Emma x

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thank you so much!! I’m so happy with how they all turned out. I can’t wait to share the rest :)

  • Hello Again Vintage

    Wow, that photo is amazing.  I can’t wait to see the rest.



    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thank you!

  • Marisa

    So dreamy & stunning! The lighting is beatuitful. Would love to see how the rest turned out:)

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thank you!! I can’t wait to share the rest of them :)

  • http://mousevoxvintage.blogspot.com mousevox vintage

    So pretty! I really like the giant bow and the pops of red throughout. I hope you’ll be sharing more!

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thank you!! I will definitely be sharing more once the rest are all edited:)

  • http://twitter.com/gingerurchin beka buckley

    Love that second photo. Very cute. Isn’t amazing how digi-photos can pile up on your camera? Before you know it, woosh! 300 photos to pick through and edit!! :D Fun, fun! This past weekend was quite lazy at home. This coming weekend we are going to a cabin on a lake for a change of scenery and to unplug… Peace… :)

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Ohhh the 300 was the first cut of the original 600 ;). haha. It’s the one bad thing about having a large memory card, they build up so quickly!!

      Lazy weekends are great! Have fun at the cabin :)

  • http://twitter.com/alostfeather Sarah McCay

    sooooooo pretty! what a great location and the lighting is perfect. awesome job :)

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thank you so much!!

  • http://www.terasue.com Tera

    Very Cute!

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait


  • Ross

    Nice shots!

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thank you!

  • A S Graham

    Well hey there co-worker!! Your blog is so adorable!! Those photos are phenomenal, did you take those?? If so, you are most definitely shooting ME!
    See you at work lovely ;)

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      d’awww shucks!! :) :) I would loveeee to shoot you before you leave <3 (please stay forever!!!!)