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November 12th, 2011 | October Instagram

Well, it’s been a while since I have done one of these posts, hasn’t it?!

October was filled of….

♥ Pumpkin patching, pumpkin nails, and pumpkin pie!!
♥ Sushi dates with the coworkers
♥ Sewing… lots and lots of sewing for Halloween!!!
♥ And of course playing dress up! I was Nyan Cat & Queen of Hearts this year :)
♥ Apple cider!
♥ We had our Holiday Season Start meeting at work.. there were costume/best outfit prizes. I went as a present, and took home a Starbucks gift card!

:) and here’s a better look at my Nyan Cat costume!

Just for fun, here is some of my co-workers and I in our costumes at our meeting. I’m so lucky to work with such a lovely group of people! (And yes, the three of us in red are all wearing the same dress ;D )

I bet you never thought you’d see Halloween and Christmas in the same post ;)

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  • http://lariatsandlavender.blogspot.com Lariats and Lavender

    Ahhhheeee! You made such an adorbs Nyan Cat! Fantastic outfit, miss!!!

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thank youuuuuu! It was super fun to run around in :D

  • http://lalafauxbois.com/blog lisa

    I feel stupid saying this but I didn’t know what Nyan cat was so I just looked it up.  You did an AWESOME job with the costume!  Good idea!  I love that red dress, looks like I need to head to H&M soon…

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait


      Haha I totally have it in 3 colours. It is the most comfortable dress in the world, it feels like you’re in pjs but looks super cute!! :) Great for comfy days!

  • http://twitter.com/ditamaulani Dita Maulani

    Love your first photo board and it’s here : http://handmadenest.blogspot.com/2011/11/blog-walking.html

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Aw, shucks thanks so much Dita!

  • Jess [tenpenny splendid]

    That costume is amazing! It’s the perfect girly interpretation of a pop-tart! :)

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thank you!! :)

  • Anonymous

    I love your Nyan cat costume :) super cute!

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      Thanks!! :D

  • Carly

    you’re not allowed to take photos in H&M!! haha tsk tsk….(jk!) you guys look adorable in your red dresses. i have that dress in black and navy, it’s my go to and it’s freaking awesome!! $19.95 can’t go wrong. i’m pretty sad i don’t work there anymore…you’ll have to use your discount and buy me things ;)

    your costumes are so cute. i don’t know who nyan cat is but the costume is adorable and your eye makeup is faaaabulous!

    come back to ptbo again and lets go out together! you’re fun ;)

    • http://kaitsouch.com/blog Kait

      HAHA totally asked the manager, cause I’m a loser, and she just laughed at me and said ti was fine because it didn’t show signs or anything. SCORE. I have it in all but the navy. feels. like. pjs. Will totally abuse discount for you! haha!!

      I’m totally coming to town for New Years! I’m sure I’ll be up before then too. Was going to come today but pjs and being lazy won. I think I’m around Friday – Sat as well!

      I’ll be nice and share my legs with you.

  • Carly

    oh ya, you have great legs…gimme them!

  • Stephanie

    Best Nyan cat costume I’ve seen yet! Where did you get it? If you made it, I will pay you to make me one!