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December 30th, 2013 | Pop, Fizz, Clink. Happy 2014!


I seriously can’t believe that it is already the end of 2013. Where did the year go? While 2013 was a blast, I still feel like there are still so many things that I sought out to do this year that I didn’t get to do. So instead of setting traditional resolutions for myself this year, I’ve decided to look at a few aspects of my life and how I can improve them!

On myself: 
A big thing for me this year will be to take better care of myself, and to take more time for myself. This will be everything from making sure I take my vitamins, giving myself time to read more, take long baths, read a magazine, etc. I didn’t get a whole lot of ‘me’ time this year and I definitely noticed a change in my stress levels and my health during those periods of time.

On shopping:
Everyone knows I love to shop, it’s no secret. I’ve started to actually track where my money goes and it has been an eye opener. I want to spend less money overall, especially on things like clothes. When I do shop, for each item I buy I’ll force myself to throw something else out. I think that will help a lot. I also want to start buying better quality items and things that will last longer & are classic. If that means I have to save up a little more to buy a new dress, so be it. I’ve bought too many things that just fall apart after a couple of uses.

On work:
Stress less!! I also want to start putting away a higher % of my earnings towards savings at the end of each pay check. This will help out with my spending habits too.

On love & family:
Remind everyone how wonderful they are and don’t take any of them for granted, even for a second. Spend more time doing things with them… while I spend a fair amount of time with my parents it’s usually just sitting around my house and not really doing anything. I also used to make dinner a few times a month for them and this year I got really busy and stressed out with work and never managed to find the time as I always had something on the go. I want to start doing this again. I miss cooking for the ones I love.

A few things I’d like to do:
Travel.  Do a craft every other week. Really enjoy the little things. Read a book in one sitting. Try something new once a week and write about it – even if it’s just in a notebook. Learn to drive. (I know. I’m 25 and I can’t drive)


Hope you all had a wonderful year, and here’s to an even better one ahead! I’m spending NYE in pjs watching some movies with some wine, pizza and my favourite people! What are you doing?

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