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January 27th, 2012 | Twelve new goals for 2012

1. I have had a plan in my head for a shop for quite a while now. I’ve been working away at it, and I think this is the year I’m ready to go forward with it. Hopefully sooner than later, but at the same time I don’t want to rush it. I’m looking towards the Spring for a launch date right now.

4. I was reading about how to grow your own tea online, and decided that it sounds totally manageable for me! It takes a full year to do, and I plan to start this one in the Summer.

5. Fanciful Notion is my little projcet I was talking about a few posts ago

6. Save save save!!! When I move out again, I want to make sure I’m financially comfortable between bills & osap payments. Saving is a big priority for me this year.

7. I used to sew every week almost. Now its every few months… if that. :(

11. The problem with shift work is my schedule is constantly changing. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping up. I really want to try and create a steady schedule for the blog.

12. My kryptonite.

What are your goals for the year twenty-twelve?

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  • Anonymous

    Is it weird that I had never thought it possible to grow you own tea plant?  I mean, I know that tea comes from a plant and blah, blah, blah but I never thought of growing your own.  I’d love to hear more about it!

  • c x

    These all sound awesome! I am always excited to see your new projects. Can’t wait to see your Etsy shop!

  • http://profiles.google.com/hollcrawford Holly Crawford

    Ooh goof luck with all of these goals!!  I love the one about growing your own tea!  Please post about it when you do it, I would love to learn! 

    I have a list on my blog of things I want to do, but not necessarily in 2012. 

  • Emily Baker

    there are some great goals here! Looking forward to seeing how 2012 plans out for you!!! 

  • Emily Baker

    p.s. i love your blog :) 

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      Thank you so much for your sweet comments :)

  • Vicky Stonham

    This is a lovely list! I learnt to knit properly last year and I’m so glad I did – I absolutely love it! 

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      I think this is the one thing that I’m most determined to accomplish this year :)

  • http://twitter.com/TheHouseOfHeart Crystal

    What a great list of goals for this year.   This year I want to just be kind to myself in every area.  Last year was mental the hardest year of my life and this year I just want to be kind to myself and check off many more things of my 101 in 1001.

    I am always pleased to see the words passport and travel on to do lists.  It makes me smile.
    I wish you all the success in achieving all your goals for this year.
    Much Love,

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      I think thats a great goal for the year!  I love how you just have a list that you check things off of as you go along :) definitely takes the pressure off of having a timeline of a year!

  • http://www.lamidge.com/ Brittney

    Hello there! So along the other common things, we can also add February birthday girls! :) I adore your site. I’m amidst a new layout and totally jealous of all your beautiful white space and soft colors!!!