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February 14th, 2011 | Theit “thebossi” Camera Bag!

This bag is GORGEOUS. If you’re anything like me, you’re style conscious as a photographer and not just looking for functionality. This bag is perfect for any style conscious photographer, looking for the same quality, functionality and support of all those other DSLR camera bags out there (y’know, those ugly things). Unfortunately, its sold out and has a long wait list. The good news is you could win it!!!!

Theit "thebossi" Bag

There are several ways to win this lovely bag, and yes ladies of Canada this is finally a contest we can enter too!

1.Theit Page:  View the contest rules and how the enter over here. and save $50!

2. The daybook page. Visit their blog for contest rules, and information of how to enter!

The contest ends next tuesday, Feb 22 so hurry and go enter soon! GO GO GO!!! Good luck everyone ! My turn finally arrived and I just ordered my bag today, and will have it in March! Check out their webpage here.

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