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February 27th, 2012 | outfit: why do birds, suddenly appear

I’m starting to get really excited for spring. This dress isn’t helping one bit. I just cant wait for the grass to start turning green again and little birdies to be flying & singing about.

Dress, belt & accessories: H&M
Shoes: Roberto Vianni
Earings: Amourx

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  • Erica Bull

    youre making me anxious too! This is very cute, I love the belt :)


    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      It is one of my favourite belts. I bought it in both the xs and s so I could wear it high wasted or a little lower. I also lost one of them, and replaced it. So worth the extra cost hhaha!

  • Cait425

    Lovely dress,  I’ve looked at this one myself in H&M, the print is just so pretty :)

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      Isn’t it just the sweetest? I kind of want the shirt & skirt in this print as well

  • http://knappflickan.blogspot.com/ knappflickan

    The dress looks so springalicious :) Lovely! I also do love the earrings, so sweet.
    Let’s hope Spring will be here soon!

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      I’m in love with these earrings. We also recently got in very similar ones at work in a buch of different colours. Trying to resist them. I don’t think I’ll be able to though.

  • http://amylouwhogirl.blogspot.com/ Amylouwhogirl

    I’m in love with this dress! So adorable on you!

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      Thank you so much!

  • http://lalafauxbois.com/blog lisa

    I LOVE this dress!!  I’m going this week to see if I can find it :)  

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      Do it!! It would look absolutely adorable on you Lisa :)

  • http://profiles.google.com/hollcrawford Holly Crawford

    This is such a pretty dress & that BELT!  Ahhh, I love it!  :)

    I do love the snow, but I was just outside on the deck & with the sun beaming on me, it really does make me excited for spring.  & summer.  :)

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      I’m okay with winter as well.. but same deal. With all the nice weather we’ve been having it’s & the stores starting to pump their spring lines its just making me craaaave the season that much more.

  • http://shyscout.blogspot.com/ ShyScout

    You look so pretty :] That bird pattern is just too cute!

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      Thank you! :3

  • Amber

    Those earrings are so cute! I might have to order a similar pair for myself! I also love your birds. I’m dying for spring to hit, and I just posted about it too!


    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      I love them! They are great quality too :). Easily one of my new favourite etsy shops.

  • Giulia Peruzzi

    Aww I love the bird print on this dress! I wish I could find something like this at my local H&M store…and that belt is just perfect!
    Life is a romantic poem

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      Yeahhh, it is a divided black dress and not all stores carry div black. I got so happy when we renovated & got divided black added to our store :). Divided black stuff is my favourite

  • http://sofawned.com/ Desiree Fawn

    I was totally drooling over that dress earlier this month at H&M. Looks great on you!

  • carly

    I love this dress. I miss working at H&M :( I barely visit the mall now that I don’t work there…I’m probably saving money on clothes though. This dress is so stinkin’ cute and just like every other pattern H&M does, I bet they had other cute pieces in it too!!

  • Britt Renee

    too cute!!! I think think bird pattern is adorable!