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February 28th, 2012 | Target Canada Pop-Up Store with Jason Wu

First, I’m sorry this is such an image heavy post. Second, I know Target isn’t a big deal for the majority of my American readers, but we don’t have it here in Canada yet. I love target & I’m so excited that it’s finally coming to us. On Thursday of last week there was a Target pop-up shop with Jason Wu’s collection – (and the man himself!)┬áin downtown Toronto.

My friend and I, being the crazies that we are, got up at 6am and went downtown to sit in line. We ended up being 7th & 8th in line. The first 25 got early access to the collection & got to meet Jason Wu. (and the Target dog)

The shop didn’t open for the public until noon (11:45 for us). Some Target employees handed out free hot chocolate from Starbucks all day, which made waiting much more bearable. We also got a target dog plush toy :)

The entire collection wasn’t there, but what they did bring was amazing. There was a three item limit per person and for the most part I got exactly what I wanted. There was one other skirt that I wanted (the blue floral one that matched a shirt I got) but I’m still really happy with what I got.

The first three people were adorable! Two 80-something year old women, and a 60-something man. The man’s wife was a huge Jason Wu fan and collects his stuff. She was away on vacation with some friends, and he went to surprise her with some items for when she returned home. They showed up at 6:45 am.

The line really was quite insane. This is what it looked like by late morning. I’m really glad we went so early.

Me & Di with Mr. Wu himself, and the Target dog of course!

Here’s what I brought home:

Di got the same scarf, and the blue and red dress that was so popular. The Cat scarf sold out within the first 10 minutes of the shop opening up to the public. (Again, so glad we went early because we got first pick before everyone else was let in & didn’t have to wait in any lines! We were out before everything got backed up.) That was long – if you made it to the end you get a cookie ;)

images from target.com & abullseyeview.com

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