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March 19th, 2012 | spring fever: march so far

My oh my, it has been a while since I have done a real update! The weather here has been absolutely amaazing lately and it’s kind of given me a bit of spring fever & I’ve kinda been taking on more than I can chew.

Some highlights from my busy month so far includes going to Toronto for Fashion Week (I’ll post more on that later) and finally getting to go to Nadege – a pastry shop on Queen West in Toronto.

Also if you follow me on twitter you know that I have been in the market for a new sewing machine… well I finally bought one. Say hello to my new baby & some photos from March so far.

The ever so sweet Melanie (Who I had the pleasure of working with for a short time before she moved to Alberta) sent me a little surprise package to thank me for helping her with her blog design. I got spoiled. And I have to say I’m in love with this book! I encourage all of you ladies to check it out. Don’t forget to check out Mel too!

How has March been for all of you so far?!

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  • http://littletree-blog.blogspot.com/ Littletreedesigns

    Hi Kait, thanks for ‘favouriting’ my print on Etsy because it now means I have found your lovely blog! Those maccarons look delish and I love the little teapot in the first pic!x
    Rebecca x

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      I’m so happy you found me then! I really love your work :)

  • http://www.hannahjholmes.com/ Hannah

    March has been a delight. The warm weather is making me seriously happy. Looks like your March has been lovely, too! You know I’ve never had a macaroon? I always see them on blogs and want to try one so badly!

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      Really?! Oh my they are just lovely. And gluten free, too! ;)

      I really hope this warm weather is here to stay!

  • http://profiles.google.com/hollcrawford Holly Crawford

    Oh maaaaaaaaan I love Nadege.  YUM. 

    That’s awesome you got a new  sewing machine!  Can’t wait to see what you make.

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      This was my first time trying their macarons. I think I’m in love!
      I have a great big list and pile of fabric all ready to go ;)

  • Emily Baker

    ummm hi thats amazing! getting little packages full of treats in the mail!!

    and i wanted to share my blog’s first giveaway with you! Sending the link to all the lady bloggers i look up to!


  • Lazyexplorers

    Mmmmmm sushi. I have never tried macaroons. I want to really bad, though!

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      Do it! Right now!! haha they are very addicting you’ll find.

  • Melanie

    aw loved seeing this! you’re the cutest!! I’m glad you liked your tiny gift! :)

    • http://misskaitonline.com Kait

      I loved it!  You are the sweetest :)

  • carly

    such a pretty march! i have yet to try macarons, dying too!