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June 1st, 2012 | LIFE UPDATE: May & Blog Podium

Aloha everyone! A lot has happened in the past month or so and I thought a quick little update was in order considering it’s now June. First, on a more personal note in May I started an internship at an international fashion PR agency. It’s been going well so far & is super exciting but the commute plus working on-top of it is pretty tiring, hence why I haven’t had much time to blog.

Also in may, was Blog Podium! I had met some of the girls before but it was nice to finally get to meet everyone in person. It was crazy weird how it felt like we all knew each other for years & meeting up was no big deal. I had a great time at the event, and would definitely go again. I learned a few new tricks, got to chat with some great companies and most of all spent the day with some seriously awesome ladies. After the event we went out for dinner & some for more drinks after. (Thanks to Holly for the above photo!)

You can see more photos here and here. If you want to hear more about the event check out the blogs of the lovely ladies I got to spend the day with for their posts:

Elycia (&  hubby, Ivan) from love elycia
Chantilly from my girl thursday
Mel from smiles from mel

And last but not least… June is also going to be a big month for me in the blogsphere! I have three totally awesome giveaways for this month, and will be posting two of them this week. I’m also going to be starting a mini-blog series. I gave the blog a little make over too, but I’m not sure if I like it or not so that may be changing.  Also I still have some spots left for June sponsors so email me if you’re interested. Happy June everyone! :)

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