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March 19th, 2011 | Etsy Picks: Handmade for Japan

With all the disaster that has struck Japan recently, a great way to support Japan and handmade products at the same time is to buy from sellers who are donating money from their sales. This week’s Etsy picks are all about these wonderful sellers and how they are helping out in their own way!

Relief Wrist Band 100% proceeds donated to the Red Cross

Inflatable Origami Lights

Japanese Disaster Relief Pouch

Body Cream 100% to Red Cross

Thinking of Home Project for Japan

Limited Edition Print for Japan

Vintage Kimono Coin Pouch

Go to Etsy’s blog to view their post “Thinking of Japan” for info on how to participate if you are a seller, and more items you can buy to support them! You can also try doing a search for ‘Help Japan’ or ‘Japan Relief’¬†on Etsy.

(featured image from: Help Japan Print on Etsy)

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