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May 14th, 2010 | Art Institute of Vancover Lauches a ‘Green’ Graphic Design Program

Going green is big these days, its no surprise that post-secondary education is starting to focus more on the matter. The Art Institute of Vancouver recently launched a new program focusing on the matter. Its a graphic design program  that is centered around sustainability, the first one of its kind. The program is 3 years, and was just granted approval this April. The First batch of students are about to start classes this May.

The faculty development director, Sunita Wiebe, stated that the program is trying to address the growing need for “designers who can provide solutions while creating sustainable, eco-conscious designs.”

Some of the unique courses that will be included in the program are:
Fundamentals of Sustainable Design
Principles of Sustainable Design
Sustainable Design Standards
Green Campaign
Sustainable Design Leadership
Environmental Design

Note to self: Start saving up for a trip to Vancouver! Some of the courses sound extremely interesting, fingers crossed that there will be a few green-design classes, seminars, or workshops popping up in Ontario soon!

Link: Program’s Website.

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