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April 12th, 2011 | H&M Conscious Collection

I love that H&M is a company that’s concerned with sustainability and using greener materials.  Their upcoming Concious Collection only uses green fabric & materials. It hits stores this Thursday, April 14th.

The company uses organic cotton & linen, recycled polyester, tencel. They also use reusable plastic totes instead of boxes for shipments and their plastic bags and hangers are made from recycled plastic every day.

The collection features paler tones (mostly whites, creams, and light pinks) and really unique textures and shapes to add some delicate details to the ‘lack of colour’ in it. I cant wait for this to hit stores!


All photos are from H&M’s website.

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  • http://www.ginamarierose.com Gina

    No way! I was already in like with H&M, but now? It’s LOVE. I am so glad there’s an H&M in South Korea. :)

  • http://amylouwhogirl.blogspot.com Amylou

    I wish we had an H&M. I know I would enjoy shoping there!

  • http://olgreeneyes.blogspot.com emma

    Ooh! I love all those natural tones! Gorgeous shades for the warmer months of the year. I gave you a versatile blogger award on my blog. Check out my latest post to see what I wrote and about the rules of passing it on to whoever you like!

    Emma xx

  • http://www.f4fab.blogspot.com fenny setiawan

    I always love H&M collection. It is very comfortable, trendy and affordable too.

  • http://www.hollyknitlightly.com Holly

    I was in Toronto yesterday but I never got a chance to stop in H&M. I hope I can hit it up before I go away, those tops are beautiful!