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May 11th, 2011 | A Breakfast Fit for Royalty!

Like many others, my grandmother, mom, sister and I all got up at 5:30am, to watch the Royal wedding. After watching the ceremony we went the extra mile and had a British themed high tea for breakfast… tiaras and all! My sister bought the tiara’s from the dollar store and decorated them to resemble the British flag. She also made these adorable pearl bracelets.

Normally I’m not much of  a morning person, but surprisingly we all weren’t that tired. Here we all are, not too bad for just waking up! My mom and grandmother had gold crowns (for ‘queen’) and my sister and I had the silver ones (for ‘princess’).

For the tea we had scones, fresh strawberries, sugar syrup oranges, and home-made devonshire cream & lemon butter. We tea that came straight from London itself –  my English Breakfast Tea that my sister brought home from me on her recent trip to Europe.

Here is what the table looked like! So festive!! Overall it was really fun, despite having to wake up so early! We decided that breakfast teas are something that we as a family need to do more often.. just not so early next time. It was surprisingly really filling, and really enjoyable.

My favourite part about the wedding itself was easily the fashion, from Kate’s and Pippa’s gorgeous Alexander McQueen dresses, to the wacky and tacky hats! If you woke up for it, how did you spend your royal morning and what were your favourite moments? More pictures below! (Some were taken by my sister and mom, some me, but they were all too good to not share with you!)

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