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May 4th, 2011 | Versatile Blogger Award

A while ago Emma over at Ol’ Green Eyes was kind enough to pass along the versatile blogger award to me. So here you go, 7 facts about me :)

1.  I’m a firm believer that a night out dancing solves everything.

2.  I’m that kid that you’ll find reading art history books for fun.

3.  I can’t eat gluten.

4. My left eardrum has burst twice. Once as a child, and then again last year when I had H1N1. I have trouble hearing out of it now as a result.

5. Every sunday I have my sunday tea in a vintage tea cup.

6. I had my first website when I was in gradeschool at the age of 8. It was made on geocities and filled with tacky animated gifs, many which my sister and I created ourselves. I owned my first domain when I was 13.

7. My job during high school and most of my college career was one of the most rewarding, valuable and learning experiences of my life.  I seriously wouldn’t be who I am today without that job. It taught me a lot about myself, and people in general. I was a historical Interpreter.

And now here are the lovely people I’d like to pass this along to! Everyone who reads this blog! I honestly don’t know who has done this, and who hasn’t. So I’d like to invite everyone to do this if they haven’t already. Feel free to link me to your post in the comments once you’ve done it! I’d love to get to know all of you better :)

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