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July 10th, 2013 | Watermelons! What on earth do you do with it all?!

One of my favourite things about summer is watermelon. Seriously, I love it. But have you ever noticed that no matter how small of a melon you get there’s always too much to eat?! Watermelon salad has always been one of my favourites but all the leftover watermelon in my fridge had me searching the interent for some yummy recipes to use up the rest of it so I thought I’d share some of my favourite finds a long with my fav summer salad!

1. Watermelon Agua Fresca – refreshing for a hot summer’s day
2. Strawberry Watermelon Yogurt Ice Pops – I love this one because since it’s frozen, it’ll last a while!
3. Watermelon & Froyo Cupcakes – This one is brilliant for a healthier desert.
4. Watermelon Salsa – Great on hotdogs, tacos, as a dip you name it
5. Watermelon Sangria – What would this list be without a boozy option?! Just make this and add your fav bottle of wine to it!

Watermelon Feta & Berry Salad


• Watermelon, cubed
• Feta cheese
• Blackberries
• Avocado slices
• Mint leaves


1. Chop it all up and toss it in a bowl! Easy as pie!

What do you do with all your watermelon?! If you have a great recipe feel free to share it in the comments! :)

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July 9th, 2013 | Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

I needed to make a lot of cupcakes for work (two batches!) so I cheated a bit and used two Betty Crocker’s gluten free cake mix for these puppies and altered it. They still turned out really tasty. I wanted to do a summer-y flavour so I decided on vanilla and chocolate pink lemonade cupcakes!


Strawberry Ice Cream


1. Betty Crocker’s golden gluten free cake mix, prepared to instructions but use lemonade instead of water, then add 1 extra egg and 1 tsp maraschino cherry juice.

2. For the chocolate batch, add an additional tbsp of sugar and 4 tbsp cocoa powder.


• 1.5 cup vegetable shortening

• 6 cups icing sugar

• 3 tsp pink lemonade concentrate

• 1 tbsp juice from a jar of maraschino cherries

• 1 tsp vanilla extract


1.  Blend the icing using an electric or hand held mixer. Garnish with a cherry & straw.

I was going to do tiny umbrellas too but didn’t have any so I used these little flags I got from Michael’s a while ago that were on sale.

Although it was a bit time consuming because I made two batches, this recipe is actually pretty easy. I really really loved these cupcakes (I might of had 6 in one day), and so did everyone at work so that’s a plus too!! :)

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June 5th, 2013 | Good Morning Sunshine & Lunch In Paris

I really love simple breakfasts like this on bright, sunny mornings. It just makes life seem that much more amazing.. it’s true what they say, it really is about the simple things. This is one of my favourite morning meals, cheesy scrambled eggs. Easy & delicious.

I recently picked upLunch In Paris again. I originally bought it for a friend’s birthday back in February, ended up peaking at it and then couldn’t put it down. So I had to buy her another copy hah! Life got busy, and I kinda forgot about it for a little while. For some reason I always find it just so hard to find time to just sit down and read a book. I have a number of books that I’ve started but never actually finished. (Does anyone else do this?)

Anyways, it really is a tremendously good book. I rarely recomend a book before I finish.. but it really is worth picking up. It’s really witty and actually has me snickering out loud. Each chapter ends with 2 or 3 french recipes which just makes the book extra special. It’s the author’s memoir about falling in love with both Paris & a boy, which sounds a little cheesy (like my eggs) so I feel the need to clarify that it’s not a fluffy romance story. The book starts off with “I slept with my French husband halfway through our first date. I say halfway because we had finished lunch, but not yet had our coffee.” I died a little when I read that haha! The recipe section for the first chapter is titled “recipes for seduction” and one of the serving guides says “serves 4 or 2 if you’ve worked up an appetite.”

Still not sure about it? You can read the first chapter online here.

Spinach & Goat Cheese Scrambled Eggs


• Goat cheese
• Cheddar cheese
• Spinach
• Salt & Pepper
• Red pepper
• Red onion


1. Chop up your veggies, and set them aside. Mix your eggs and a little bit of milk in a bowl, heat the pan and then begin to make scrambled eggs as normal.

2. Once the eggs are about half way done, toss in the spinach, and goat cheese.

3. Garnish with thinly sliced red onions, peppers and ketchup.

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May 17th, 2013 | Strawberry Ice Cream

My ice cream maker is god. I swear. Strawberry ice cream has always been one of my favourite flavours.. but I have a problem with the store bought kind (aside from the lactose). You see, I hate fruit chunks in store bought things. The berries in yogurt and ice cream are always gooey and soggy and stringy… gross!! It just really bothers me. For the longest time I wanted to chalk it up to frozen fruit that they’re using… but when I make smoothies and homemade ice cream using that, mine are okay. The chunks stay solid. So needless to say the strawberry ice cream that is in grocery stores I hate. It’s a real pain to find a nice ice creamery every time you want some strawberry ice cream if you’re a weirdo and hate chunks like me!

So I made up this lovely recipe! And since summer is around the corner and it’s starting to get really warm, I thought now would be a good time to share it with you guys. So here it is,  strawberries & cream ice cream, with crushed walnuts!


Strawberry Ice Cream


• 3 cups (lactose free) milk

• 1 cup + 2 tbsp (lactose free) cream

• 1 cup sugar

• 2 heaping tbsp plain greek yogurt

• 3/4 cup strawberry puree

• 1 tsp vanilla extract

• 1 tbsp honey


1. Combine the milk, cream and sugar together in a large pitcher and mix together. Add the yogurt next while continuing to stir, make sure the yogurt gets mixed in as thoroughly as possible. Set aside and create your strawberry puree in a blender. (I like to throw in a little more than a cup of strawberries – frozen or fresh, with a splash of water and blend for about a minute.) Add in the purre, vanilla, sugar and honey and mix again.

2.  Following your ice cream maker manual’s directions, pour the mixture into the machine. While the machine is doing it’s thing, cut up some strawberries in to small bite sized chunks – I used already frozen ones for this because I ran out of fresh ones. Add them to the ice cream about 5 minutes before its done. My machine takes about 25-30 minutes, so I add them around the 20-25 minute mark. At this point you can also add the crushed walnuts, or you can set them aside and just garnish your ice cream with them when you’re ready to enjoy some!

If you don’t have an ice cream maker, here’s a good website with a few different options of how to make ice cream without one.

Also just to let you guys know I decided to go ahead and make a facebook page for the blog! I’d love it if you’d like it (that sounds really weird to me) you can do so here.

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April 28th, 2013 | Avocado Bagel Sandwhich

Avocado’s are one of my favourite things on earth. Bagel’s have always been my weakness. Ever tried a gluten free bagel? Yeah they suck. Until I met Udi’s. It’s really nice to finally be able to enjoy a good bagel again. Their breads and pizza crust are pretty good too! (Homemade bread is of course better.. but I’m lazy and don’t have a bread maker.) I’ve recently started playing around with avocados a little more. I just loveeee them.

This sandwich though is easily one of my new favourites. It’s nice and easy and so yummy. Toasted bagel, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes and cream cheese. Bam. Party in your mouth.

I’m also finding myself strangely addicted to almond milk lately. So. Good.

Today I went to a little event in Toronto called the Gluten Free Garage. It was my first year going, (I had to work last year boo) and it was a lot of fun. There is a ton of different vendors with samples and it’s a great way to find new products for yourself. It’s also pretty educational too!

One thing though that really caught my eye though was a company called Nutrilish who is going to be coming out with a monthly box subscription of gluten free products. (So it’s kinda like glymm box, birchbox, juelp box etc. but with gluten free food!) I’m so excited for it to launch. One of the hardest things about going gluten free is there is a lot of products out there that aren’t too great, and its a continuos struggle for me to find new GOOD gluten free products.

Also remember how in my last post I was so excited that it was getting warmer? Well two days after I posted that it snowed haha. Silly Canada. But it was 20C today and it was wonnnnnderful. Hopefully it stays around this time.

Oh and one more thing! Something really cool about the feedly app for google chrome – it adds this little icon to the bottom right hand corner of your browser so you can easily add blogs/rss feeds to your feedly list! (read more about feedly here)

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