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February 20th, 2013 | you are tearrific

I love all holidays. I know a lot of people especially hate valentines day – it’s too commercialized, I’m not in a relationship, it makes me lonely blah blah blah. Whatever it’s just another excuse for me to spoil everyone I love and make some gifts!

This year I went on a bit of a tea theme with my cards and gifts to close friends. Bad tea humor at its best. I made some heart tea bags and filled them with some valentines teas from DAVIDsTEA. (I used read my lips, hot lips, red velvet cake and peppermint amour). I also found this really cute DIY for painting hearts onto sugar cubes with red dye so I did that too and also made some candy bags. Who doesn’t love candy & chocolate?

Speaking of chocolate I’m actually on my way now to Toronto for a gourmet chocolate making class. It was my christmas present from my sister. I’m so frigging excited!! I’ve never made chocolates before and I’ve always wanted to. So I’ll let you know how that goes!

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September 20th, 2012 | Garden Party + Flower Crown Making (image heavy)

This was the perfect way to end summer. We had a lovely little garden party, sipped some iced-tea cocktails (staring DavidsTea – luscious watermelon/sparkling white wine and green tea/sparkling white wine), good food, good tunes and we even made some flower crowns. I’m so lucky to be able to call these ladies my friends, and to be able to work with them as well. I really don’t have much to say about this post… I think the pictures tell the story just fine :).

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April 6th, 2012 | Peeps & Eggs

Happy Easter everyone! I took advantage of having the day off to sleep in and get some serious spring cleaning done. 5  garbage bags later my closet is rid off old clothes, things that don’t fit, and holey socks. I also made this cute easter arrangement after spending what seemed like an eternity of blowing out 30+ eggs and dying them. Tonight I’m going to enjoy a movie with the family and peep s’moores.

{ peep photo source }

Still on the to-do list for this weekend; a thorough clean of my room, make some yummy Easter snacks for my family’s Easter dinner, make a pile of all my pants/dresses/skirts that need to be hemmed and some quality family time. I hope you are all enjoying your long wekend so far! Are you guys doing anything exiting this weekend?

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March 18th, 2012 | guest post: fabric beads diy

Hi, Katie here! You can find more about me by visiting my blog, Punk Projects, where I post craft tutorials, photography, inspiration, etc! I’d love to have you guys stop by!

For today’s post, I thought I would share a tutorial for these fun fabric beads I have been making. They are perfect for those tiny fabric scraps that you have but don’t want to throw away

Supplies: Fabric Scraps, Mod Podge, Paint Brush, Toothpick or Small crochet hook.

1. Cut your fabric strap into a 1″x3″ strips and place face down onto your work space. Take your toothpick (or I used a crochet hook. You just need something long and thin.) and place at the edge of your fabric

2. Start rolling your fabric on your toothpick/hook.

3. Keep rolling it until you get to the end, now you should add a little bit of mod podge to the end of your fabric strip, and then finish rolling it up

4. Apply mod podge around the rest of the fabric bead, but be careful not to fill in the holes. Let the mod podge dry, and voila! Now just make a whole bunch more. :). These are a great use for your fabric scraps. I used them to create a couple of long summer-y necklaces, but feel free to use them on whatever you want

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December 21st, 2011 | Recipe: Caramel Nutty Cranberry Popcorn

One of my favourite Holiday snacks in my household is this recipe! It’s the perfect mix of sweet, crunchy, and tangy flavours. It’s a fairly easy recipe to follow, but if you’re making a large amount it’s easier to do with two people. It doesn’t take much time at all either!

It’s a great for gifts, (throw some in a mason jar or bag and even attach the recipe), or to serve at a party or just a treat for yourself!

• 1c toasted pecans
• 1c dried cranberries
• 1c sugar
• 1c brown sugar
• 1/2c corn syrup
• 1tsp baking soda
• 1c butter
• 1/2c popcorn kernels

• First thing is first, you need to pop your kernels! We have a stove top popper. You could use a microwavable popper as well. If you don’t have a kernel popper you can use 2-3 bags of microwavable popcorn instead.

• Pop the corn, mix in the chopped nuts and cranberries and set it aside in a large glass or steel bowl.

• In a very large microwavable bowl (it’s going to expand like crazy!), combine the corn syrup and butter. Melt for 3 minutes or until the butter will fully melt.

• Add the sugars to the bowl, and heat again for another 5 minutes. It’s going to puff up. a lot.

• Add the baking soda to the melted mixture. It’s going to start to foam. Immediately pour over the popcorn and mix it together. Be careful, the caramel will be boiling hot.

• Serve either at room temperature, or warm. If you want to serve it warm heat it in the oven at 200F for just a few minutes.

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