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February 25th, 2013 | Gluten Free Chicken Club Pizza

Before going gluten free I rarely ate foods like sandwiches, burgers, cereal, pizza and other normal bread products. Now I find myself craving them all the freaking time. I have never really found or made a gluten free pizza crust that I’ve liked until recently. I’d still like to figure out how to make one for myself, but for now Udi’s will do.

This doesn’t take long at all to prepare or cook, especially when you’re working with a pre made crust like I usually am. Not to mention its one of the best pizza flavors I’ve had in a while. It’s especially god with a creamy garlic dipping sauce.

Chicken Club Pizza


pesto sauce
• mozzarella, feta and goat cheese
• 1 cup spinach
• red onion
• bacon strips, cooked
• 1 boneless chicken breast, cooked


1. Cook your chicken and bacon first. (We cooked our chicken just in a pan, covered with tin foil and in a little bit of water at 400F in the oven.)  Wash and chop up the veggies and set aside for now.

2. Drain some of the oil from the pesto sauce, then spread it all over your favourite gluten free crust as thick as you’d like.

3. Add the mozzarella, it will be your base cheese. Layer on the veggies, then feta, goat cheese and meat. Follow the cooking instructions on the package of your crust. Udi’s only takes 8-10 minutes.


If anyone has tried any amazing gluten free pizza crust recipes I’d love for you to share them with me!

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February 20th, 2013 | you are tearrific

I love all holidays. I know a lot of people especially hate valentines day – it’s too commercialized, I’m not in a relationship, it makes me lonely blah blah blah. Whatever it’s just another excuse for me to spoil everyone I love and make some gifts!

This year I went on a bit of a tea theme with my cards and gifts to close friends. Bad tea humor at its best. I made some heart tea bags and filled them with some valentines teas from DAVIDsTEA. (I used read my lips, hot lips, red velvet cake and peppermint amour). I also found this really cute DIY for painting hearts onto sugar cubes with red dye so I did that too and also made some candy bags. Who doesn’t love candy & chocolate?

Speaking of chocolate I’m actually on my way now to Toronto for a gourmet chocolate making class. It was my christmas present from my sister. I’m so frigging excited!! I’ve never made chocolates before and I’ve always wanted to. So I’ll let you know how that goes!

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February 19th, 2013 | Quarter of a Century

So the unthinkable happened. I got old. Just suddenly over night one day last week! I know age is just a number but it’s weird to think that I have actually been here a quater of a century now. I think the general population is maturing later too. When I think about 25 year olds that I knew when I was younger, I feel like they had accomplished much more in life. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel the same way some time? They say that the second half of your twenties goes by slower than the first. Well, we’ll see about that.

Anyways age aside I had such a wonderful birthday! I’m so lucky to have such amazing friends, family & co-workers. I couldn’t ask for better people in my life, or could imagine a better birthday. I’m really lucky. Here’s a few snapshots from my day:

The day of my birthday I went with my mom to get my hair & nails done. (A long with a hand massage, which just made me realize how badly I need a full body massage haha!) After we went out for lunch and I had once of the best gluten free burgers I’ve had in a while.

When I got home there was a little surprise waiting for me, one of my best friends who lives over 4 hours away had sent me the prettiest flowers!! It’s so funny how getting flowers can make any day seem so much more special than it already is.

My sister spent 4 hours slaving away to make me the BEST cake. It was a gluten free strawberry cake, with fresh strawberries between the layers and was iced in a ombre rosette pattern. I died.

What would a birthday be without my beloved DAVIDsTEA. I made myself a Birthday Cake tea latte, topped it with a few sprinkles. The best. I also received two teas (1 & 2) , a new bodum travel thermos (which keeps my tea hot for hours by the way!!!), and a set of 4 nobel cups for my birthday. Be-still my old lady heart. I’m in love with every single one.

I also made a trip to my favourite local antique stores. I guess I have a reputation there for being the tea-cup-collecting lady because when I was finally getting ready to check out they surprised me with a stunning pink tea cup with gold detailing as a birthday present.

Oh and this is probably the lamest thing to ask for your birthday… but I got a steamer! I’m so freakin’ excited!!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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