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June 13th, 2013 | Channeling my inner zebra

Dress: H&M (recent, 14.95) Necklace: H&M (older, 19.95) Sandals: Wal-Mart (really old)

I’m a big fan of black and white outfits with pops of colour, especially when there is a fun print to go with it. I just need to take a moment to gush over this dress. It was only 14.95!! I may or may not have also bought it in solid black and burgundy. (It also comes in a floral print and a slate blue.) I live in dresses and leggings most days, and an a-line is one of my favourite shapes so I kind of had to have it. Not to mention it’s super comfy and really easy to dress up or down.

What I love about it is it’s actually a thicker material than H&M’s usual basic/lower price point pieces. I also love how easy it will be to incorporate into my fall and winter wardrobe once it gets a little colder. Tights, boots, leggings, a nice cardigan and maybe a scarf and you’re good to go!

I had a hard time shooting these photos though because the mother nature was being Little Ms. Crazy-Pants! It was pouring one minute and bright and sunny the next which made it kinda difficult. It was kinda funny going through them, the colours were totally different in almost every one haha! I tried to grab the ones with the most similar colours. Anyone have any tips for shooting in this condition indoors?

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June 8th, 2013 | Waterford Antique Market

First off, sorry for the large amount of photos (not really), but this place is just too magical and they were too pretty to not post. Welcome to the Waterford Antique Market. I think this place has easily become one of my favourite antique markets. My only complaint is how far away it is from me. (We’re talking like.. over 3 hours.)

I first discovered this place thanks to a friend of mine, Sarah, who’s home town is Waterford. It’s definitely starting to become a summer tradition to visit her when she goes home for the summer and hit this place up. I’m already itching to go back! It’s two floors of goodies with a couple of booths that refinish items which is something I love as well. Crafty goodness and antiques all in one place. This is totally what heaven is like, right?!

It’s funny though how even from just looking at the photos I took I am still noticing things that I didn’t see when they were infront of me! There’s just so much stuff it’s wonderful. We all ended up finding some amazing pieces. Sarah’s mom got a tea set and a few vases, Sarah got a lovely new cabinet to display her grandmother’s antique bells on and I (obviously) found some tea cups and other things – which I’ll be showing off in a post later!

I really do love this place. It’s definitely my 2nd favourite market now. I say 2nd only because my loyalties will always remain with the wonderful antique barns in my town. I mean c’mon, they surprised me with special teacup as a gift for my birthday!

What’s your favourite antique store to hunt for treasure & where is it located? I’m especially curious if its in Southern Ontario ;)

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June 5th, 2013 | Good Morning Sunshine & Lunch In Paris

I really love simple breakfasts like this on bright, sunny mornings. It just makes life seem that much more amazing.. it’s true what they say, it really is about the simple things. This is one of my favourite morning meals, cheesy scrambled eggs. Easy & delicious.

I recently picked upLunch In Paris again. I originally bought it for a friend’s birthday back in February, ended up peaking at it and then couldn’t put it down. So I had to buy her another copy hah! Life got busy, and I kinda forgot about it for a little while. For some reason I always find it just so hard to find time to just sit down and read a book. I have a number of books that I’ve started but never actually finished. (Does anyone else do this?)

Anyways, it really is a tremendously good book. I rarely recomend a book before I finish.. but it really is worth picking up. It’s really witty and actually has me snickering out loud. Each chapter ends with 2 or 3 french recipes which just makes the book extra special. It’s the author’s memoir about falling in love with both Paris & a boy, which sounds a little cheesy (like my eggs) so I feel the need to clarify that it’s not a fluffy romance story. The book starts off with “I slept with my French husband halfway through our first date. I say halfway because we had finished lunch, but not yet had our coffee.” I died a little when I read that haha! The recipe section for the first chapter is titled “recipes for seduction” and one of the serving guides says “serves 4 or 2 if you’ve worked up an appetite.”

Still not sure about it? You can read the first chapter online here.

Spinach & Goat Cheese Scrambled Eggs


• Goat cheese
• Cheddar cheese
• Spinach
• Salt & Pepper
• Red pepper
• Red onion


1. Chop up your veggies, and set them aside. Mix your eggs and a little bit of milk in a bowl, heat the pan and then begin to make scrambled eggs as normal.

2. Once the eggs are about half way done, toss in the spinach, and goat cheese.

3. Garnish with thinly sliced red onions, peppers and ketchup.

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June 3rd, 2013 | Let’s Go To The Zoo!

Last week Matt and I went to the Toronto Zoo, mainly to check out the Pandas… which were kinda boring and sleeping behind a tree haha. The trick is to go in the morning if you want to see them, they go to sleep around 11 and stay that way all afternoon. My parents went for a members only event few weeks before so they got some really amazing photos of them playing and stuff. It was kinda a bummer they weren’t that active when we were there, but I’m sure I’ll be back. The Toronto Zoo is common spot to go to year round with my family, but there always is something more magical about it at the start of summer!

All the other animals  were fairly active though because it was a cool day. (I think the Panda’s are just lazy creatures by nature.) We arrived just in time at the Polar Bear’s to watch them be fed which was pretty cool. They were really cute and had a lot of personality!

I think the Gorilla’s are a lot of people’s favourite because theres always a crowd near them. I think it’s because they’re the most interesting to watch because they really are so much like humans. It kinda freaks me out a bit actually so I can’t watch them for too long haha! There was this one who was just sitting there and seriously looked like he was contemplating life. Then there was another who was examining dirt under it’s nails and cleaning them. Then one caring for the kid gorilla. It just trips me out.

I’m really glad though that going to The Zoo has always been such a big part of my life, so many people I know haven’t been since they were kids. (Like Matt, apparently the last time he went was with school as a child.) It really is such a fun place! If you haven’t been to a zoo in a while GO! It’s so much fun!! I can’t wait to go back soon :)

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