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August 7th, 2011 | e-course: make art a part

So here’s another small project I was busy with a few weeks ago. Kaitlyn from isavirtue asked me to write a lesson for her new e-course! I was so honored :). The course is all about art and different ways you can make it involved in your every day life! I wrote a lesson about typography for the course. There are graphic design, painting, sewing, cooking, photography, and crafting related lessons. Registration is now open!! Click here for more info!

Other Lovely Contributors to the course:
mollie from wild olive
lindsay from scenic glory
erin from sunshine and carousels
zoe from pretty zoo
tara from sew tara
kristina from buy some love
maggie from maggie keenan gross photography
hannah from 17 inch heart
erika from a tiny rocket
cassie from the veda house
rachell from no mark at all
sonya from fishnets and hip checks
kristy from gastronomical sovereignty
lily from little birds
jessica from jessica durant
ping from pings zoo
nataly from beautifully elegant
natalia from i could make that 
& of course kaitlyn from isavirtue 

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