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November 11th, 2011 | November Sponsor Spotlight!

Hello! I’m Angie, a 22-year-old blogger living in Utah with the love of my life, my wife and soul mate Jen! We have two kitties, Wedge and Mau and a birdie, Jango! Lariats and Lavender is a personal blog about myself, my wife, our life together, our pets, my hobbies, my beliefs and so much more! It’s my home sweet home on the web and I hope you stop by!

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Hey there, I’m Mo from the blog Fleur De Moi. I’m a New Orleanian who has worked in the film industry for almost 4 years. While my job takes up a big chunk of my time I still manage to squeeze in things like painting, long bike rides, mostly vegan cooking, and enjoying all this NOLA!

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I am a mother, soon to be wife, and daughter!  I love to make things with my hands, and I work extra hard to ensure whatever I pass on to someone else is something that I myself would want :)  Most of my inspiration comes from my everyday life, I try to translate it into something beautiful. I hope you enjoy my journey!!

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I am Dita and I’m Indonesian, 23 years old. I love music, drawing, art, theatrical performance, and above all that I love love crafting. I live in Bogor, a small city (around one and half hour driving from Jakarta). I write and cook.  I love to share with you. You can contact me for trade, shop review, and random postcard swap!

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