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November 12th, 2011 | October Instagram

Well, it’s been a while since I have done one of these posts, hasn’t it?!

October was filled of….

♥ Pumpkin patching, pumpkin nails, and pumpkin pie!!
♥ Sushi dates with the coworkers
♥ Sewing… lots and lots of sewing for Halloween!!!
♥ And of course playing dress up! I was Nyan Cat & Queen of Hearts this year :)
♥ Apple cider!
♥ We had our Holiday Season Start meeting at work.. there were costume/best outfit prizes. I went as a present, and took home a Starbucks gift card!

:) and here’s a better look at my Nyan Cat costume!

Just for fun, here is some of my co-workers and I in our costumes at our meeting. I’m so lucky to work with such a lovely group of people! (And yes, the three of us in red are all wearing the same dress ;D )

I bet you never thought you’d see Halloween and Christmas in the same post ;)

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