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November 24th, 2011 | Handmade Holiday: Advent Calendar

Hello everyone! This December every Thursday & Tuesday I’ll be doing a new series called Handmade Holiday… I think it’s pretty self explanatory! I’ll be posting 12 days worth of DIYs for easy gift ideas, decorations, wrapping, holiday themed food & drinks galore! I’m super excited about it and have been working like a mad woman on this project!

Our first DIY is going to be this super simple fortune cookie advent calendar! It’s really easy, and cost efficient to make. Here are the supplies you’ll need:

♥ Felt, Thread, Needle, Glue, Pipe-cleaners

♥ Cut a circle out of the felt the size of your choice. Be careful to not make it too small!! You want to be able to fit some small goodies inside.

♥ Glue the pipe-cleaner inĀ  the center. When dry, fold the circle in half and pinch the folded edge together to create a fortune cookie shape.

♥ Stuff the cookie with candy, small toys, a fortune, quotes, etc.

♥ Using bright coloured thread, stitch the edges close.

♥ To create the numbers, I cut them out in different coloured felt and glued them on for the date each cookie was to be opened.

♥ Feel free to have your cookies range in size. Store them in a large bowl, or for fun you could get those “take out” boxes and sort them by weeks. Michael’s craft store sells christmas themed ones :)

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